Should I post art inspiration on here too..?? Idk

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My laptop officially died forever last week… im trying to get a new laptop/computer asap but I can’t do art until then so please bear with me ;-;

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Surprise Ponyta for frostyflowerz

Happy birthday!!!!!!! Have a good day

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blog-based doodle #9

for reifuruya

pastel coloured blog ;//v//;

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blog-based doodle #8

for hootingattorney

the scarves on your blog were most distracting ;//v//;

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Thank you for the blog doodle. It's the most amazing thing I've ever gotten. I love how you portrayed it and it just really made me squeal a bit when I saw it. You're awesome! Stay awesome!

Yes I just saw your reblog just now! I’m glad that I was able to make someone happy! I’m glad you liked it, and that you’ve actually got one of those things for the first time hahaha (and the pleasure is mine for being the first UvU )

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I love ur art omfg it's all beauts

Ah thank you very much!!! ♡
I haven’t done a proper piece in ages tbh but thank you frosty ;//v//;

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blog-based doodle #7

for redux-rabbit

tbh i got carried away with this and turned it into a semi-proper piece rather than a doodle and well, i really like it!

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reddit is so weird…

*points at someone’s figure drawings* what is this, some kind of tumblr social justice bullshit??

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Anonymous said:
what about santa in 15?


cries because what is art??????

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