Personification of my cat Sheba, who undoubtedly fancies herself royalty or something.

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"As soon as you think you found happiness, you lose it again."

colour palette memes from my main account ;v;

tenmyouldy said:

IF NOBODY HAS ASKED YET! how about luna and 16!

the-universes-plaything said:

Luna!! in palette 14!!

etik33 said:

Luna in 15!!

Also this is my first art photoset!! 

(the quality looks terrible ;-;?? they look better once clicked on )

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Luna is the sweetest vlr character ;//v//;

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#vlr #ze #luna

Pppppffllllpp have some shitty zero escape doodles taken with a crappy camera ; v ;

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(Source: mo0gs)

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Im drawing vlr characters heck yea

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Ahh the sharpness was too high on the bottom photo of the last post

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Lin beifong is an amazing lady tbh.
Also I rushed the background because I got lazy heh.

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Ive been doodling different ethnicities this morning

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(This was asked on my main blog but w/e gotta keep my art blog alive.)
Drawing daxter made me feel like a god damn furry though.

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